1. What is PLR and other related License?

PLR - PLR stands for Private Label Rights. In simple definition, PLR is the RIGHTS that allow purchaser to resell, modify the content, claim authorship or do what ever with the products. Its mean, when you buy PLR products, Its 100% YOURS!(The rights may vary depends on the publisher or content provider)

MRR - MRR stands for Master Resell Rights. When you buy a products that comes with this kind of license, you can resell the products and you can transfer the same license to your customer.

RR - RR stands for Resell Rights. Its almost similar with Master Resell Rights which you can resell the products but there's a limit where your customer cannot receive the same rights as you. Its mean, they cannot resell the products.

PR - PR stands for Personal Rights. This is the Rights that your customer receive when they buy your Resell Rights products. It's for personal use only.

GR - GR stands for Giveaway Rights. Just like the name. You have the rights to giveaway the products.

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